Your Season of Growth

What’s up, guys?! Today, I am going to talk about seasons. Specifically, the seasons of our life and our business, and how you can make sure you’re always in springtime, always flourishing.

[00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] What’s up. What’s up guys. Hey, today, I want to talk to you a little bit about seasons woke up this morning, put on a fleece, cause it was a little chilly outside for Texas. That is about, about 60, which we call winter here. Uh, but uh, start thinking about seasons of our life, seasons of our business and how you can.

Make sure that you’re always in the spring time, always flourishing. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Come to the real estate investing secrets show, where I share my thoughts, tips, and tricks to help you live a better life through real estate investing. My name is Mike Hambright from and your questions get answered here on the real estate investing secrets show.

Hey guys woke up this morning and I went outside actually. And, uh, it was a little chilly. So I put on this fleece here first time, busted it out. And, uh, for us in Texas here, it was about 58. So that’s chilly here. I know that’s [00:01:00] funny for a lot of you. I grew up in the Midwest, so I get it, but, uh, kinda got me thinking about seasons.

Seasons of our life. Right. And we’ve all been in this kind of winter mode with COVID and all that stuff. Not, not all of us. I mean, honestly, some of my businesses have actually flourished during this time. Everybody’s a little bit different. All your businesses are different, your lives are different, but so thinking of it as kind of a.

Season of our life. And when we go through the winter, a harsh winter, especially one of the things is that the Springs are usually phenomenal. Right. And in nature, that is, and it can be that way in your business and in your. Personal life as well. The reality is if you think of it that way. Yeah. If you know that something better is coming in, you’re constantly preparing for what’s next.

And you’re constantly thinking about how to be planting seeds that can benefit you down the road. Yeah. Again, in your personal life and your business. Um, then you’re [00:02:00] going to constantly have opportunities to harvest. So one of the things that I feel blessed with is that, sorry, it’s a little windy. Is that a.

I’ve been sowing seeds for a long time. For many, many years. It wasn’t always this way in the beginning, I’ve thought about relationships. How can I help other people? How can I teach people? What I know, how can I learn from other people so that I’m constantly farming. I’m constantly planting seeds that I can harvest down the line.

It’s giving me opportunities. That can change my life. And in turn, what I do is I use my resources, my knowledge, my money, whatever it might be investments to try to change other people’s lives. Right. It’s just this cycle, just like nature. We go through the seasons. Right. So if you’ve been kind of down and out, if you felt a little down and out over the past, Few months here when we’re going through this funk.

That’s okay. As long as you realize the spring is coming, right. And as you move forward in your business, [00:03:00] I want you to constantly be thinking about how can I make it this constant cycle

so that you’re always winning. Right. And even if you have failures, you know that that’s just effectively a proverbial winter. Like I went through this harsh time, but something very awesome is going to come out of it. So just a little tip there. Something was on my mind wanted to share with you. Hope you got some value there.

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