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Overcoming Loan Rejections

You were all set to buy that new car or house. You may have even picked out the cherry-red convertible or the Cape Cod with the spacious yard — until your bank stopped you in your tracks.

Your loan has been denied, and now you’re not sure what to do.

It’s a pretty common scenario, and unfortunately, there isn’t always a quick solution.

Nations Lending Review: A Human Home Loan?

While tech has taken center stage in the mortgage world, Nations Lending still strives to make home loans human. That’s their motto, and it means looking beyond the numbers and at the individual themselves to determine their needs. They believe the key to a successful mortgage starts with a good conversation, which should ultimately ensure [&hellip

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Mortgage Occupancy and Property Usage Types Overview

Occupancy and property usage types, in conjunction with other risk factors, serve as indicators of a loan’s likelihood for profitable servicing. In the interest of mitigating portfolio risk, investors perform analysis to determine the distribution of occupancy and property usage types …….

How to Transition Your Kids’ Rooms

As your children grow and change, so should their bedrooms. However, if you were to revamp their rooms with every changing interest, favorite color or…

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