Americans are disinfecting their homes and converting garage spaces

The way people design their homes is being influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced them to spend more time indoors, and those new trends could stay with us for years to come.

Examples include garage spaces getting more attention, while cleanliness is also a major factor, according to the America At Home Study that’s based on responses from more than 4,000 Americans.

One of the items at the top of people’s lists is “Disinfecting things more”, the study found. Moreover, consumers are more committed to keeping their homes clean, with 80% of respondents saying this is a lasting behavior change.

As for garage spaces, more people are looking to increase the utility of these spaces. As such, adding space for storage is the number one garage project going on these days, with younger adults most likely to convert those spaces into a home gym.

Other lasting trends include upgrading smart home technology, using the back yard to entertain family and friends, using rooms for combined purposes, and creating more storage space in the home. In addition, many respondents said they’re converting their homes to make room for a home gym or exercise area and for home office spaces. Many also admitted to creating a dedicated space for gaming and arts and crafts within their homes.

A number of respondents said they’re interested in creating a laundry room just off the garage for the sake of safety, the survey found.

The survey found only one feature that dropped in popularity from when it was conducted in April and then again in October: The interest in germ-resistant countertops and flooring declined by 5%. Nevertheless, this was still the third-most-requested feature in the second study in October, with 50% of consumers continuing to express interest and remain willing to pay more for it.


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