7 Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids This Summer

In our area, kids began summer break just last week.

My Facebook feed is already filled with pictures of other families’ fun summer vacations.

One family is on a cruise, another is on a beach destination. Another one has her child in gymnastics camp all summer.

If you don’t have a lot of money for extracurriculars and vacations, you may be sad when seeing these posts and feel like you won’t be able to give your kids a good summer vacation, but that’s not true.

There are plenty of ways you can share experiences with your kids this summer that don’t cost a lot of money

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free library programs offered during the summer.  At our local library, there’s a free activity every Friday ranging from learning about desert animals to watching a play, and more.

cheap summer fun with your kids - library programs

cheap summer fun with your kids - library programs

A friend of mine gathered information from five local libraries and attended all of the free programs with her kids one summer.  They had free activities to enjoy four days a week each week! Beyond the activities – reading books for free from the library is underrated!

Free Or Low-Cost Movies

cheap summer fun with your kids - movies

cheap summer fun with your kids - moviesMany local communities offer free movies in the park at least once a month.  Show up at dusk with a blanket, some homemade snacks, and relax and watch the movie in the great outdoors.

Another option is to get discounted summer movie passes for kids.  I just purchased a pass for me and my children–$5 per person allows you to see 10 kids’ movies, one each week during the summer.

Museum Passes

Many libraries have free museum passes that you can check out.  You can then attend the museum completely free.

If your library doesn’t have this, check each museum that you would like to attend.  Many offer a free day once a month.

Bible School

Many churches offer free Bible school during the summer.  Because so many parents work, many of these are in the evenings from 6 to 8 each night, but you may still find some that are offered during the day.

My kids are registered for our church’s Vacation Bible School one week in June from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day.


Pick one day a week when you and the kids explore.  Maybe you go to a park, or a nature center, or a hike.

Bring a sack lunch with you and enjoy the great outdoors for several hours.  If you want you can even bring yard games and a small grill and make an evening of it.

cheap summer fun with your kids - picnic

cheap summer fun with your kids - picnic

Go To The Beach

cheap summer fun with your kids - go to the beach

cheap summer fun with your kids - go to the beach

Does anything else say summer as much as a trip to a lake?  Kids can stay all day enjoying the water, building in the sand, and munching on snacks.  If you have a lake nearby, try to go at least once a month.

Craft And Experiment Times

Break up the day with fun craft activities or experiments.  My girls are into making slime and can do that for at least an hour a day.  I just need to keep enough supplies on hand.  We also recently made a volcano out of homemade clay; they loved watching it explode and wanted to do it again.

This summer make Pinterest your friend, and you’ll find hundreds of activities to keep your kids engaged and learning (without realizing they are doing something educational!).

cheap summer fun with your kids - craft time

cheap summer fun with your kids - craft time

Be Creative And Your Summer Will Be Full

Our kids are so busy now that we think we have to have them scheduled 24/7 and attending all of the camps that their friends are going to.  We don’t have to.

Some of the best summer memories are made from free activities.  At the end of the day, our kids just want our time and to have fun.  You’ll be able to satisfy those desires with these activities.

How do you keep the kids engaged and entertained without spending hundreds of dollars during the summer?

7 Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids This Summer

Source: biblemoneymatters.com

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