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Our Facility and Events Promoter can assist you with locating venues, facilities, and associated tourist related services for special events, meetings, retreats, weddings, reunions, sporting events, festivals, shows and much more.

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Press Release: Moab - Historical

ImageMoab Area Travel Council
P.O. Box 550
Moab, Utah 84532
Phone 435-259-1370/FAX 435-259-1376

Email: info@moabutah.info
Website: www.moabutah.info

Moab, Utah, located in southeastern Utah has become a mecca for the adventurous spirit. Moab was first settled in 1855 by Mormons who quickly abandoned their remote outpost because they were frightened of the area’s Native American population. It was resettled in 1876. Since that time, the city and its people have carved an existence as changing as the eroded desert around it. Moab has served as a river-irrigated fruit growing center, a dock for ill-fated steam powered paddle boats on the Colorado River, and in the 1950’s, a uranium boom town. In the 1980’s the uranium market fell and Moab was forced to look to other means of economic income. A few of the locals decided to build a bicycle shop, rent bicycles, and offer guided tours. (After all, the outside is beautiful).

Moab also serves as the gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and the mighty Colorado River. Here the waters of the Colorado River flow through town as they make their way to Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon and beyond. Directly southeast of Moab, the majestic La Sal Mountains rise to an impressive 13,000 feet - creating a beautiful contrast between the colorful red rocks and the cool, lofty peaks.

In Moab, the grandeur of the scenery is matched only by the adventure experiences. River runners come to experience the excitement of whitewater and calm-water rafting, canoeing and kayaking; hikers to explore red rock canyons and the majestic, cool mountains; cyclists for world class biking-aka “Mountain Bike Mecca of the world”; skiers for excellent cross country winter skiing; four wheel enthusiasts for the many challenging off road trails, and so much more. Most of these activities are available year round due to Moab’s moderate climate. Winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing and snow is practically nonexistent, with the exception of the high La Sal’s. Spring and fall are ideal times to visit Moab, as the temperatures are perfect no matter what you choose to do.

Moab offers all types of lodging and accommodations and has an array of outfitters to assist the visitor with any type of activity they would like to be a part of. With over 1,600 lodging rooms, more than 50 bed & breakfast rooms and over 1,700 campsites, Moab is ready to host any visitor. The weather ranges from an average wintertime high of 41F/5C to an average summer time high of 98F/37C

Moab is located on Hwy 191, just off Interstate 70 in the southeastern corner of Utah. The closest international airport is located in Salt Lake City, 235 miles to the north, however there is an airport in Grand Junction, Colorado - just 112 miles east, which can accommodate most flight arrangements. There is also a commuter flight service that offers flights to and from Denver, CO to Moab's own Canyonlands Field (CNY). For more information visit the Moab Information Center at the corner of Main Street and Center Street in downtown Moab. To plan your trip in advance call the Moab Area Visitor Information line at 800-635-6622 or 435-259-8825, or write: Moab Area Travel Council, P.O. Box 550, Moab, Utah 84532.